that are kind to the evolved body Rice cakes

It looks like an ice candy! It’s actually mochi! This is a slightly sweet new-style pop mochi confectionery that can be easily eaten anytime and anywhere by adding sugar, etc. to the rice cake made from 100% domestic rice mochi rice. this “rice candy” is really much softer, It is also good for mouth-watering, so you can enjoy it from small children to the elderly. Besides … Mochi has long been known as an excellent nutritional food, and it contains carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Contains vitamin B1 and other ingredients that are effective in recovering from fatigue Instead of a meal when you’re busy and can’t take your time Energy replenishment during sports such as marathons, mountain climbing and after swimming In addition, the shelf life is two weeks after production and it can be stored frozen It is also effective as a convenient and convenient nutritional food for emergency evacuation in disasters.